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Planning Your Own Vintage Wedding


Getting married and planning for your wedding is not an easy task at all. It may become demanding even. Nevertheless, all good things come with some sort of challenge so you must be up for it because surely, it will be worth it.

Now, how do you plan your wedding – most especially, your vintage wedding?

First, here is a commendation for choosing to go vintage. You have exquisite and special taste indeed and you are not afraid to go out of the normal path of things. It is your wedding day though so you are entitled to the guilty pleasures.

So, getting to the core, how do we start the development process for your wedding?

Identify your budget

This is the initial but essential part: the planning will surely be smoother if you and your partner discuss the amount of money you are both willing to spend for the special day.

Choose which time era you wish to emulate

Fish around for inspiration. Here you can deliberate on what you can pattern your wedding after, whether from movies, books or art. This will be fairly easy since it is something you are interested in. Brides to be, do you want to go Audrey Hepburn or maybe Marilyn Monroe? Take it into great consideration.

Contemplate how far you will go

After deciding on your theme, it is time to make up your mind if you want everything, from the big details to the minute ones, to follow it. Will you go as far as basing, for instance, your food and drink from your chosen era, or will you just settle with vintage attires for everybody? This is important because then you will see the scale of what you will be working on.

Pick your venue

At this point, choose if you want your wedding ceremony to be held indoors or outdoors. This will be beneficial for you and your guests as they select their wedding wardrobe as well as the photographer.

Get your wedding dress

This takes time and patience because bridal stores cater more to what’s the latest. You can go on the Internet and search for some online shops or sellers, or you can perhaps check out local boutiques if you can see something worthwhile.

Hire a photographer

Get a photographer whose area of expertise is weddings. You will then be ensured that they know what they are doing. When looking for one, though, do not forget to check out their portfolio first and see if you like their style. For Buckinghamshire weddings, you can contact Kevin of Scott Wood Photography. He is a professional photographer for wedding pictures and documentation wherever they may be.

Keep in mind that, in the first place, this is your wedding – your vintage wedding – so you are the boss. You get to say the final decision. Nevertheless, it still won’t hurt to listen to suggestions and recommendations from family and friends. Be open but stay true to what you want and stick to the budget, above all.

We wish you a happy and unforgettable vintage wedding!

Tips For Looking Great On Your Wedding Day

Many people become giant balls of stress during the time that they are planning their weddings. When planning a wedding, you should be willing to keep informed of the trends and ready to try new things to make the event one to remember. Make it a memorable one!

Find a great jewelry cleaner

A few days before your wedding, get all of the jewelry that you are planning to wear professionally cleaned. This will help you to sparkle more as you are walking down the aisle, illuminating the beauty that you possess.

Get everyone involved

Don’t be a bridezilla! Delegate tasks for your wedding to your loved ones to help relieve the stress on you and get them involved. If your Mom loves to cook, ask her to help with the catering. If your Dad is a wine aficionado, have him help with the wine selection for your reception. Get everyone involved!

Consider the location of ceremony and reception

If you would like to save money on your wedding, you may want to consider having the ceremony and reception in your own home or a family member’s home. In addition to saving money, your wedding will feel more personal this way. For summer weddings, you could have it in a large backyard.

Try your wedding shoes

To ensure that you make it down the aisle with ease, be sure to try on your wedding shoes and wear them for one to two hours – at least twice – before the big day. This is especially important if you are unaccustomed to wearing heels, or if your feet are prone to swelling. It will also help you to decide if you need to add strap or heel cushions to your shoes to prevent blisters.

Arrange transportation

Try to arrange transportation from the airport to the hotel or resort for guests arriving for your destination wedding. At worst, have your guests meet up and form groups so they can share the limo or cab costs. It’s already costing them a lot to be there; try to help them as much as possible!

Send treats and tokens to wedding guests

Send your wedding guests off with a sweet treat to thank them for their support by handing out small takeout containers of warm cookies paired with small glass bottles of organic vanilla, chocolate, or soy milk. You can use twine and small stamped or embossed name tags with the couple’s name and wedding date.

Choose a wedding photographer

Do not feel shy to ask swibble photography Cambridge on your wedding to look at their previous work. You want to make sure you have picked the right photographer for your big day and looking at their prior work can give you an idea of what to expect for your wedding.

Give the children who attend your wedding some responsibility

If they have to guard the ring with their life, or count how many people come in the doors, they’ll have something to do and it should keep the boredom at bay. They may need to have different tasks to keep occupied, though, as they could become tedious.

Use the tips provided here and plan the wedding of your dreams.

Why Vintage?


Imagine the story behind these beautiful vintage gowns! Civil War age, 1920 Flappers, Depression years, Fabulous Fifties, Hippie 70’s, and Big Hair 80’s; every lady had a story to mention to of her life prior to and after using her gown. Some lived terrible lives, some lived the life of deluxe, and others cleared up into a regular rural life. When you place on your attractive vintage wedding gown or outfit– utilize your imagination and try to visualize their wedding for a moment– then make your very own wedding celebration memories! Purchasing vintage dresses can save you hundreds, if not, thousands of pounds! Not every vintage item of garments has actually been worn, so several times you can buy a “brand name brand-new” gown for a portion of the expense.

UNIQUE: Every new bride desires to look and really feel like the most attractive female in the globe on her wedding celebration day. Get a vintage wedding dress and NOONE else will certainly look like you; you won’t fall into the cookie cutter fad of the moment.

Nuns Offers Second-hand Wedding Dress from their Monastery in Italy

And surely the designs are vintage! Italy might be a country that’s  home of high-end fashion designers such as Giorgio Armani, Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana yet the women of Italy are looking for wedding gowns from someplace a little even more unanticipated.

Thrifty new brides are visiting Argentinian nun Sister Maria Laura’s atelier at the St Rita monastery, a medieval intricate hidden amongst the central Umbrian hillsides, to find their dream gown.
Once came to collect a wedding celebration gown, Sister Maria Laura and her group run a used wedding-dress solution for disadvantaged bride-to-bes.

The abbey was inhabited by St Rita, a mistreated bride-to-be and widow, 600 years earlier. She was wed off by her mom and dad when she was merely 12 to an abusive and fierce partner.
Eighteen years into her marital relationship, her other half was murdered in a bad blood, and St Rita was admitted to the Augustinian convent of St Mary Magdalene.

Females traveled far and wide to come and pray to her for their marriages to be saved.
Ladies began contributing their dresses out of solidarity and as an offering to St Rita back in the 1950s and the collection has actually now totaled up to hundreds.
Seamstress and developer Sister Maria Laura, who entered monastic life when she was 28, now runs the facility and declares she could locate the perfect dress for any type of bride that comes her method.

Sis Maria Laura is seen by around 3 women a week, and between eight and ten per month leave with their dream outfit.
Using her design proficiency, she changes the dresses to make open backs with bows, proposes where to reduce the neck line, and reassembles internal padding to suit the bride.
In return for her solutions, many ladies return their dresses after their wedding event so that another woman can have the same experience as them and some leave around £700 as a token of their recognition, based on The New York Times.It offers me excellent pleasure to view a girl which could meet her long for love with a gown appropriate for the happiest day of her life,’ stated Sister Maria Laura.

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image by DailyMail

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2014 Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses

Forget about fishtail dresses and ballgowns– this season (and probably next spring season) is about the boho and vinatge bride-to-be.

The good news is, boho (and vintage -inspired) wedding gowns are in vogue in 2014 and going into 2015, indicating that you don’t need to “state yes” to a gown that does not match your crazy youngster individuality.

Perfect for a casual wedding, seaside wedding event or perhaps if you intend to turn an attractive wedding on its head, a bohemian outfit releases a definitely cool and vintage ambiance.

They come in all forms and styles including layers of shoelace, romantic neck lines, pastas secureds, rippling sleeves and even in crop top type.

So, if you’re the type of new bride who is trying to find something special, then take a look at our leading boho wedding  outfit in the video below: