Welcome to vintage bridal designer. My name is Ara Nachter and I'd like to welcome you personally to our humble shop. Vintage Bridal Designer works directly with top suppliers in the United Kingdom to achieve the best designs with the best durability, quality and feel of our designs.

Trusted for Excellent Service

At Vintage Bridal Designer, we pay attention to your needs. We want you to have the best experience in knowing which gown and design would best suit your theme for your wedding. Unlike other bridal gown designers, we know that taking time is important for you to select the perfect dress. If you believe you're the most 'bridezilla' when selecting your gowns, trust us, we've faced some of the most excruciating clients ever, each with very positive results.

Quality Assurance

We work directly with UK's top clothing suppliers of brocade, charmeuse, chiffon, batiste,pique, polyester, organza and other materials we use for our designs. It is in our best interest to be knowledgeable about the fabrics we use because, aside from getting the right kind of design, the feel must be excellent for our clients.

We hope that you enjoy our services. You may reach us through our contact page if you need us to look over your designs.

Meanwhile, stay tuned with our recent topics about bridal gowns!

Contact Details

29 Dukes Wood
Wokingham RG45 6NF, UK

Phone Number: (01344) 645935