Modern Dress Inspirations

Whether you’re a blushing bride-to-be, super excited maid of honour, or just someone who loves to see what’s new in the world of nuptial style, have I got a post for you. Presenting 20 non-traditional wedding dresses, handpicked by me, that are perfect for the modern bride.

Firstly, I’ll be sharing a few rules of advice for finding that perfect dress:

  • Wear a dress that fits your theme. Getting married at the beach? Opt for a fancy sun dress. Getting married on New Year’s? Definitely go for a dress with lots of gold or silver sparkle.
  • Earn bonus points if you can find a dress that is so non-wedding that you can re-wear it to other events! Get the most you can out of the money you’re spending…weddings are NOT cheap.
  • Above all, wear something you love. This is your day and you should feel like a princess.


Now, onto the dresses!


  1. Goddess Dress. Channel your inner Cleopatra with ornate embellishment on a simple silhouette.

(from Temperley London)


  1. Vera Wang Delilah Strapless Pleated Dress. Never underestimate the power of the perfect pleat.

(from Nearly Newlywed Shop)


  1. 3. Feathers. Got a thing for plumage? You too can be a bird of paradise, pretty in pink.

(from Kelly Faetanini)


  1. Draped Scarlett Dress. This modern silhouette oozes runway chic.

(from Temperley London)


  1. Kauai Dress. For a summer city wedding, we love this option for fun, flirty, 20s flapper style.

(from BHLDN)


  1. Arabella Gown. A gorgeous option for the hippie bride.

(from BHLDN)


  1. Joanna August Patricia Satin Skirt. Pair this beautiful skirt with a simple white tee.

(from Nearly Newlywed Shop)


  1. Look 35. Little Bo-Peep goes chic!

(from Oscar De La Renta)


  1. Look 3. Pants on the bride definitely make a modern statement.

(from Oscar De La Renta)


  1. Look 33. Now this is something both bold and blue.

(from Oscar De La Renta)


  1. Look 19. More pants! I love the flow of this wide leg trouser. It definitely says crazy, sexy, cool.

(from Oscar De La Renta)


  1. Look 1. Getting married on a beach? Why not wear a wedding dress that doubles as a cover-up? Or you could always wear a white slip dress underneath.

(from Oscar De La Renta)


  1. Look 35. Roar! Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.

(from Oscar De La Renta)


  1. Look 2. Who says all that poofy tulle needs to be in the form of a skirt?

(from Oscar De La Renta)


  1. Camille. Is bigger better or is shorter sweeter? For some reason, I could totally see Taylor Swift rocking this at her rehearsal dinner or engagement party.

(from Monique Lhuillier)


  1. Lita Gown. Vintage glamour, at its most ethereal.

(from BHLDN)


  1. Hemlock. The textures on this frock manage to be show-stopping without distracting from the beauty of the bride.

(from Carol Hannah)


  1. Dahlia. I’m in love with this French corded lace collar.

(from Love Yu)


  1. Beaux Arts Dress. The bride will totally look beautiful in blush.

(from BHLDN)


  1. Melissa Sweet ‘Uma’ Silk Organza Petal Gown. Love the waterfall of petals on this fun frock.

(from Nearly Newlywed Shop)


I am really inspired with these unconventional modern day wedding dress designs. Which of these gorgeous modern wedding dress do you prefer?

Top 10 Wedding Designer Inspiration

If you intend to go to the chapel to get married, it is imperative that you have the prettiest wedding dress possible. After all, weddings do not come often. If everything goes as planned, it should only happen once, so splurge and make sure that you are the most beautiful girl at your own wedding.

Get a dress and be inspired from one of the top 10 most popular wedding designers:


  1. Marchesa

Marchesa is a brand based in New York that specializes in high-end women’s wear. It is sold in high-end department stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Net-a-Porter and Neiman Marcus.


  1. Pronovias

Pronovias is a fashion company that used to be led by Manuel Mota, who passed away on 8 January 2013 in Barcelona. Wide and cascading trains complemented by subtly tucked pockets characterize its wedding dresses usually.


  1. Ines de Santo

Ines di Santo was born in Italy and is considered as one of the leading designers of bridal couture. Her creations highlight femininity and are characterized by its exact fit, originality and construction.


  1. Peter Langner

Peter Langner has worked with top fashion houses like Lacroix, Laroche, Dior and Ungaro. Langner is known for his impeccable craftsmanship and refined detailing.


  1. Reem Acra

Reem Acra is a fashion designer who comes from Lebanon. She started out in 1997 with an elegant bridal collection. Acra is known for her signature ethereal beadwork.


  1. Jenny Packham

Jenny Packham is a fashion designer from the United Kingdom. She is well known for her wedding gowns and ready to wear clothes. Her latest gown was asymmetrical with Swarovski crystals encrusted in different places.


  1. Hayley Paige

Hayley Paige provides a fun and fresh look that still maintains keenness and just the right amount of refinement. Chic and stylish combinations of polished silhouettes characterize her unique style. Her playful manipulations have resulted in cute and modern dresses. Paige aims to be quirky but charming and fun but still fabulous. She also introduced the short dress for the wedding march.


  1. Caroline Herrera

Carolina Herrera’s stylish designs are notable because of its lack of fuss. Known for her traditional designs, she has recently added color to her wedding gowns, particularly pink and gray hints.


  1. Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez is known for the fashion forward perspective that always goes beyond expectations. Some recent collections have featured hand painted silk gauze that shows an edgy quality, though it is tender and delicate in its approach. Bold hot pink designs are blunted by soft asymmetrical and ruffled capelets.


  1. Vera Wang

Vera Ellen Wang is a former figure skater who is now a fashion designer based in New York. She is popular for her wedding gown collections and haute couture bridesmaid gowns. She started out as a senior fashion editor for Vogue magazine before she joined Ralph Lauren as its design director for a couple of years. She has even created wedding dresses in black.


And these are the top 10 wedding designers that you should look out for. I am definitely inspired with their wedding dresses. I hope, someday, I will be able to wear their dresses!

Vintage Wedding Dresses by Decade

A bride wants to feel beautiful, unique and special on her wedding day, and what better way to ensure that than by wearing vintage? With so many decades of designs to choose from, a girl can easily find a style and shape that suits her, and she’ll know an army of other brides won’t be wearing her dress.

Vintage gowns have many advantages over conventional wedding dresses:

  • Better quality construction, particularly dresses from the 1950s and earlier.
  • More styles from which to choose
  • Overall uniqueness
  • Sometimes, cheap a price


Brides today are choosing non-white dresses more than ever. There is no rule that says a bride has to wear white or that she must wear a bona fide “wedding dress.” The tradition of the white wedding dress only began in 1840, when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. The Queen wanted to signal that her reign would be frugal, and white dresses were much less expensive than a dyed dress. Previously, most brides wore gowns of deep red, green, black and purple.


There are so many places to look for vintage wedding dresses! It is smart to visit a vintage shop and try on dresses to determine the shape and era that suits you best. Then you can open up your search online.


Dress Shapes and Silhouettes by Decade


  • The look: loose- fitting sheath, narrow shoulder, no waistband. Sack-like and airy.
  • Best for: petite, straight, and apple figures. Works with narrow shoulders, small busts, any size waist, and small to medium hips.



  • The look: columnar. Slim and narrow, often bias cut, curve-revealing.
  • Best for: slender, tall, straight, and curvy figures.

Tip: These look gorgeous on long, slim frames but are also stunning on curvy figures. The secret is to wear smoothing undergarments.



  • The look: puffed shoulders, sweetheart neckline, peplums, full or narrow skirts, shorter skirt lengths. In this era, brides often wore wedding suits.
  • Best for: curvy, hourglass, plus-size and apple shapes.

Tip: 1940s dresses suit a variety of figures. The broad shoulders are good for creating the illusion of a smaller waistline. If you have narrow or sloped shoulders, or a slightly thick waist, this is a good era of dresses for you.



  • The look: fitted waist, full skirt (tea length or full length) with crinoline, princess cut.
  • Best for: pear, curvy, hourglass, petite, and plus-size figures. Works well with a defined waist and full or small busts.

Tip: Many ’50s dresses have small waists but full busts. A trip to the tailor to alter the bodice will make the fit better.



  • The look: empire waists with long slender skirts; shorter A-line shifts.
  • Best for: apple, plus-size, petite and straight figures. Works well with slender arms and legs and smaller busts.

Tip: A-line dresses complement most figures.



  • The look: loose and flowy, with narrow skirts. Peasant/prairie inspired; Victorian revival with puff shoulder.
  • Best for: A variety of shapes, but especially tall gals.


And so, which vintage dress decade would you love to wear? As much as I love every wedding designs, I prefer the dresses to be full of tulle and laces!

My Inspiration

Why do I love weddings? The simple answer is that I love stories. Every couple that comes to me not only has a story, every couple is a story! I love listening to the myriad ways in which people first met, and I especially enjoy having them tell me the story of what happened after that first meeting, the story of how they’ve gone about creating a life, often times a life that has surprised them in terms of where it has taken them.


I love them because I continually stand in awe of people’s courage and daring and hope. It’s simply not possible to commit to another person without the courage, daring and hope that necessarily undergirds all faith and love. Also, because I love looking at a couple’s guests as they mingle about before the ceremony and then as they sit in anticipation of the ceremony’s start. I love feeling the wave of emotion that ripples throughout the gathering. I look at the guests and I know that they know how brutally tough and demanding life can be that not every day can be as joyful as that day, BUT I see the hope and the excitement in their eyes. I love standing in the middle of so much hope.


Aside from that, who doesn’t love getting all gussied up every now and again for an event? You can dress glamorous if the wedding calls for it, or throw on a pair of cowgirl boots and a sundress. Just make sure you don’t wear white, that’s a major wedding fashion faux pas if you’re not the bride.


It’s also so cute to see the flower girl(s) toss petals down, the ring bear stumble down the aisle, the groom walk in his mother, and it’s fun to guess if any of the bridesmaids and groomsmen are into each other. Aw, love.


And the bride? She’s always the most radiant, beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. Her hair is perfect, her makeup is flawless, and her dress looks as though it was handmade for her. You might even shed tears if you know her personally.


Both traditional vows and personally made vows are beautiful and romantic. The way the bride and groom say the words to each other and promise each other forever is so sweet; and the look in their eyes? Cue the tissues. Then to top it all off, they share a sweet kiss. AAAAWWWW!


Come on, who doesn’t look forward to the free food and delicious cake? Food is often a motivator to come to any event.


I also obsess over wedding themes and colour patterns! I love to marvel at all the unique details that went into making the big day look amazing; from the floral arrangements to the guestbook and table settings to cute picture displays.


So as you can see, weddings are the best and getting to go to one is a joy. Why wouldn’t you want to spend a few blissful hours celebrating love and happiness, all accompanied by a beautiful atmosphere, free food, and dancing?!