Meet the Blogger…Love My Dress

It’s time to meet the Blogger! We are very lucky to have the company of not one, but two vintage inspired bridal bloggers at the show in February and now it’s time to find out more about Annabel, author and owner of Love My Dress

“Im Annabel Beeforth and I am author of the Love My Dress UK Wedding Blog. My blog provides daily bridal inspiration with a focus on all things glamorous, gorgeous and vintage inspired. As well as covering real weddings, I also feature some of the best suppliers working in the wedding industry in the UK and beyond.

“When I think vintage, I think of timeless style stuff that never goes out of fashion, but looks as beautiful now as it would have done 40, 50, 60 + years ago.
There is so much that we can take from the style and culture of bygone eras that indeed the wedding industry is using now to make Brides and Weddings look beautiful. Take the full-circle skirt dresses of the 1950s, or the floor sweeping red carpet glamour style gowns of the 1930s. The bohemian look of the 1970s is also hotly tipped to be making a comeback in 2011 (think of Bianca Jagger on her wedding day to Mick in her fabulous white trouser suit!).

“I think we can gain much style and creative inspiration from the past, that can influence the way we build up our wedding day look, be it related to the bridal attire, venue dcor or even stationery design. It may also be that in these times of austerity, we look to the past to seek comfort and ways of keeping costs down/recycling/upcyling etc.

Vintage works for me everytime.”

Tell us about someone vintage and bridal you follow on Twitter or Facebook that we should be following or a blog we should be reading. Tiffany Grant Riley Vintage Wedding Planner. Look her up on Twitter, or visit her website. Tiffany is an AMAZING stylist, who really knows her stuff. Ive personally worked with Tiffany on creative photoshoots and recommended her to Brides on many occasions, because she is in my view, the very best Wedding Planner and Stylist working in the UK Wedding Industry today.

In your particular industry, what do you think is going to be hot in 2011 for our brides to be? Well, Ive already hinted at the possible resurgence of the bohemian look, but I also believe that more Brides and Grooms turning their hand to DIY when it comes to styling their wedding. Austere times call for creative measures!

I also think that a greater number of Brides than before will consider original vintage when it comes to their bridal gown. This option is more often than not, much less expensive than contemporary designer bridal wear, and the dresses are usually one-offs, so you can be sure to be wearing something beautifully unique.

Which celebrity (dead or alive) would you love to work with? Photographer Cecil Beaton I adore how he so beautifully captured the culture of the 1920s and 30s on camera. He was a pioneer of his time. Id love to step back in time and work with him on a bridal inspired photoshoot!

And of course, Audrey Hepburn I just adore her elegant understated style Id go shopping with her at Tiffanys if you call that work

There are many wedding shows across the UK, so what helped you decide on exhibiting at the new Designer Vintage Bridal Show. Apart from the fact the show is clearly being expertly organised, I think that it being central (its great that such a high-profile event is taking place outside of London), and it having such a fabulous line up of exhibitors makes it a no-brainer to attend for me! Not only are some of the more established wedding industry brands exhibiting, the event is also supporting up and coming brands such as Lucy Ledger, and HT Headwear as well as those creating some of the most beautiful but not necessarily widely stocked bridal wear in the UK, like Lindsay Fleming (I LOVE Lindsay Fleming).

If you were a bride to be, who would you really want to see at our show? Id be very excited about being able to meet with the designers whose work is less accessible than others (in terms of numbers of national stockists), so, Lucy Ledger, Lindsay Fleming, DC Bouquets.

What are you looking forward to at the show?
Meeting all the exhibitors and having so much vintage inspiration under one-roof! Im also looking forward to spending time with my blogging friend Kat Williams of Rock n Roll Bride. The USA and Australia are a little ahead of the UK in terms of having had Professional Wedding Bloggers for a couple of years now, but Kat and I are flying the Brit flag, and I am excited about spending time with my friend and someone who has influenced and supported me so much on my blogging journey so far.

Please tell us which of our exhibitors you’d love to work with? Without any hesitation, for me, its Emma Case. Ive already been lucky enough to work with a number of the other exhibitors. Emma and her work inspired me hugely in 2010 and both a personal and professional level, and I am very much looking forward to meeting her and would love the opportunity of working with her on a photoshoot one day!

And finally, show us three of your favourite wedding shots that have appeared on your blog…

Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Devlin Photography

Real Wedding Link: “A Wow Factor Wedding Dress for a Wonderful Vintage Inspired Wedding…”

Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Emma Case Photography
Real Wedding Link: “Who’s That Girl? Could it be…Anna & The Ring?”

Photography Copyright (c) 2011, Raw Silk Photography 
Real Wedding Link: “A Theatre Setting and Red Carpet Style for a 1920s and 30s ‘Old Holywood Glamour’ Inspired Wedding…”