Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks

Use Multiple Platforms

When you start using a social media platform as a marketing strategy for your company one of the mistakes that you want to avoid is being satisfied with just one platform. There are hundreds if not thousands of social media platforms that people are using, why should you use only one and be satisfied with that. Of course, we are not saying you should use all of them but pick out the top 5-10 platforms and use all of those for your benefit. This way you can gain a lot more followers and your company will gain a lot more clients at a very fast rate.

Regularly Update Content

Every social media account that you have created needs to be properly maintained and updated every single day if you really want to get the best out of them. If you refuse to update their content on a daily basis, you will lose a lot of potential clients and followers because people don’t want to follow some account that is not active. You have to show people that you care and that you are active at all times, not only they will see and appreciate that, but you will promote your business every day. You can update the content with anything really, it just needs to be something fresh, for example for Instagram, you have to put out at least two pictures per day. These pictures can be anything something business related or even some inspirational quotes.

Connect Accounts

A really cool and helpful trick that will most definitely help you gain a lot of new followers is to simply connect your social media accounts with each other. This way all of the followers that you have on one social media account can be transferred to the other platform. Of course, it doesn’t work simply like that, you have to convince people to visit your other accounts on different platforms. Maybe not everyone will do it, but even if a small number of people do it, you can gain a lot of followers. For example, connect your Facebook account with Twitter and your Facebook followers will have the option to follow you on Twitter also. To make this more interesting, for your followers, you can provide different content on those different platforms. This way people will want to follow everything that goes around you.